Life and Death

I've been thinking a lot about death the last 24 hours or so. Not in a morbid way. It was brought on by the death of one of our beloved pups, Roman. It was sudden, unexpected and mysterious. In some ways, the worst kind of death because...well, it was unexpected and we have no idea what happened. Sometimes these things just do happen. In other ways, it's the best kind of death. There's no anticipation, no concern, no rush to fix things. It is just final and there's nothing to do but grieve. 

Our goal at Mockingbird Farm from the beginning has been to love every one of our animals the best we can while we have them in our care, and to give them an easy death when possible. I think that one thing about farming that is helpful in a life lessons sort of way is that you come to realize that death is a part of this whole thing we call life. What you have to learn is how to love anyway, knowing that this creature you love is going to die. Whether that is by your hand (meat animals), nature's hand, or the hand of whatever power you choose to believe exists. Many people harden their hearts. They don't name, they don't embrace, they don't spend a lot of time with "the meat animals". We hear it all the time as farmers: "Don't name them or they become pets!" But I believe that this is a choice we can make. To love and to sacrifice. 

Are you living a whole life if you don't give love, if you don't give at least a piece of yourself to those around you? I don't think so. 

The first Mockingbird Farm blog post is dedicated in memory of Roman. He was a good pup who had a happy life for too short of a time.