Who We Are

We are Kristie & Nolan Wehe and we started Mockingbird Farm because we love animals, and we wanted happy meat; that is, meat that comes from animals who’ve had happy lives and humane deaths. When we couldn’t find organically fed happy pork we thought, “why not just raise it ourselves?”.


Our plan for our farm was to raise grass-fed beef, and the pigs we got originally were just for our own food and enjoyment. But then we liked them so much, we got more pigs. And then we liked those so much we got some more. (Pig math is a thing) And then we just kept growing from there. It seemed like lots of people were growing grass fed beef, so our goal became to grow the healthiest, happiest pigs that would lead to the most delicious pork you've ever eaten. Our fans tell us we've achieved that goal, and we really hope you'll agree. 

We also really wanted to make it affordable for everyone to eat fantastic meat from organically fed animals raised on pasture. We are still trying to figure that part out. Because what we’ve learned is that it’s very expensive to raise pigs on pasture and feed and treat them organically. We haven’t given up yet, though, and we continue researching feed ingredients and other low-input methods. In the meantime, we offer a sliding scale option. Just have a conversation with us, because if you can’t afford it, we’d love to try to make it so that you can. We believe in the power of community. Know your farmer, know your food.